Industry-Academia-Institute R&D Projects
Promotion of SME's research and development activities and establishment of foundation for SME's self-sustainability
Financial support for the development of heavy electrical equipment
- Support: Up to KRW 500 million (KRW 1 billion for large scale project) of financial support/up to KRW 10 billion annually
- Interest Rate: 2.5% annually
- Period: 8 years (5 year installment payment with a 3 year grace period)
- Bank: IBK, Hana Bank
Loan support for purchase of raw and subsidiary materials for exports
- Support: up to KRW 200 million
- Interest Rate: 2.5% annually
- Period: 3 years (2 year installment payment with a 1 year grace period)
- Bank: IBK, Hana Bank
Support for electrical equipment SME export insurance premium
- Purpose: Relief of manufacturing (including installation) companies' financial risks from export activities
- Support: Individual - KRW 5 million (annually) / Group - KRW 410 thousand (less than USD 3 million)
- Competent organization: KEPCO, KOEMA
- Service Provider : Korea Trade Insurance Corporation
Industry-Academia-Institute R&D mutual cooperative foundation establishment
National Industry-Academia-Institute R&D Projects
- Commercialization of export-oriented power equipment for mutual growth of large corporations and SMEs
- Development of key smart power management semiconductor IC module for 100kVA class UPS
- Development of intelligent energy power semiconductor IC for 60KW class energy storage system
- Establishment of key R&BD road map for a growth engine in the heavy electrical equipment sector
- Feasibility study on the export of low voltage micro-grid to Indonesia
- Development of 250km/hr. class steel train track
- Localization of movable car line system for cargo vessels (CY vessel)
Industry-Academia-Institute technology development planning
- Establishes a global specialist development strategy in the heavy electrical equipment sector
- Establishes an R&D strategy in response to the international regulation on the electrical industry
- Operates an electrical equipment technology committee
Industry-Academia-Institute technical information exchange
- Launches a future power equipment technology conference
- Collects and distributes overseas electrical industry technology information
- Support international Industry-Academia-Institute events
Establishment of a cooperative system for the development of Academic-Industrial specialized human resources
- Participates in the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers human resource development center
- Participates in basic and advanced human resource development projects from various universities
- Participates in the Korea Electrical Engineering & Science Research Institute human resource development project
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